Friday, 27 April 2012

Theatre Breaks in the UK

Here at we have always promoted theatre breaks around the country - Stratford-Upon-Avon, Edinburgh and of course London.

The hard job has been maintaining our ranking at the top of google. You would have thought that with a domain like and with almost 400 pages dedicated to theatre breaks that would be an easy job - but it isn't.

We are up against some big companies that have bottomless pockets when it comes to buying links. And links, we are told, are important.

So we keep going, writing great copy that our guests love and that attracts visitors, offering great deals for London theatres and hotels and now I have written a book - the How to of London Theatre and Theatre Breaks.

Buy our London Theatre ebook or share to download for free
Whether you want tickets, a theatre dinner deal or a fully fledged London Theatre Break, I am sure you will find it useful... and if you do a share rather than pay the five quid then you are quids in!!!
I look forward to seeing you in London soon

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